Snow tigers are a nonprofit football organization that is dedicated to safety and quality coaching of our youth football players.  We provide a safe learning environment for kids to get involved in one of the best team sports out there.  We use a heads-up child first philosophy for coaching that makes for an amazing transformation of your child into a team player who knows his position and understands the game of football.  This rolls over to life skills as well as on the football field..

About Our Teams

We have a 2nd/3rd grade team and a 4th/5th grade team. Your support in spreading the word will be greatly appreciated by the Snow Tiger program. We are going to do our best to expand the number of games we play as well as the overall organization and communication about the events. Should you have questions or concerns please use the "contact us" link on the navigation bar.

Pictures & Videos

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Team Rules

Practices & Games

  • Your child should be at practice by 5:15pm so that he can warm up and be ready to practice by 5:30pm.
  • Your child should be at the field 1 hour prior to game time.
  • If your child will not be at the game for an upcoming Sat, let the coaches know at Monday practice so they can make sure their position is covered for the game.


Please make sure your child brings all equipment to practices and games. Helmets and shoulder pads should have their name on it (on tape). Don't forget mouth guards - they cannot practice/play without them. Always send your son to practice and games with a set of warm cloths to put on. Weather can change quickly on the field.


  • Water - please make sure your child brings water to all practices and games. Please minimize snacks and keep them healthy - we are building a team of football players and need them to be focused on the tasks at hand and keep down the distractions (which we all know food can be!)
  • Weather - we will play regardless of the weather. As most of you know living up here in the mountains things can change quickly. If it's chilly have them wear long sleeves under their shoulder pads.

Board Members

  • Director - McChan Rawson
  • Treasurer - Deanna Kipp
  • Communications - Isabel Rawson
  • Fundraising - Siobhan Ward
  • Equipment / Registration - Miranda Faulkerson


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